Can I buy a tag-along attachment for my kid's bike?

We recommend the Follow-Me Tandem for our smaller bikes.  Please source it through http://www.followmetandem.co.uk or http://www.followme-tandem.com

These devices are increasingly popular and there are a number of different makes and models on the market. The Followme tandem (with the hollow axle fitting kit) has impressed us with its design and the quality of its components, we understand that it works well with our smaller bikes. Please note many of these tag along attachments require a specific fitting kit for use on what are known as hollow axles. All our small bikes have hollow axles. For example Followme have a specific version/kit that must be used so please ensure that you buy the correct fitting kit or version. We always recommend that you have these sort of devices fitted/installed and checked by a qualified cycle mechanic. Please note that fitting of these type of kits may invalidate your warranty.



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